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PostSubject: sageetgtyu7yuiu   sageetgtyu7yuiu Icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 1:00 am

Spooky, I disagree with your comment that I had no control over who left and that I don't deserve to win. I was the swing vote at final 10 who saved you, had I wanted to I could have easily sent you to the jury right then and there. Is that having no control? I could have rallied up my old alliance at final 9 and pulled off another blindside (they didn't know I flipped at that point and they would have worked with me) but I didn't because everyone agreed on Daniel and that was what I wanted (I didn't convince anyone to vote Daniel though). At final 8, I came up with the plan to blindside you and it would have worked but you lucked out because Kendra wanted Henry gone or you would have been gone then and even so, I went to everyone at final 8 saying we should vote out Max and everyone agreed so I obviously had some say in his vote, it wasn't 100% me but I had some say. At final 7, we all agreed that Henry would go because he was the only option because kch was immune. I don't see how you decided who left at final 6 or final 5? I feel like that was Kathy because had she wanted to, she could have sent you home at either one of those tribals because at final 6, had Kathy agreed to it you would have went in a tie with me/kathy/kch voting you out and you/llieno/rtf voting kch out and you would have went on a 3-2 vote at final 5 had she wanted to and I tried to get her to do it but she wouldn't so good job in securing her loyalty.

I obviously played the game hard and I'm tied with Kendra for most individual immunities so can you honestly say that I don't deserve to win? I understand you saying that you feel like llieno deserves to win more than me but I don't understand you saying I don't deserve to win at all.
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