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 The Square Waiting

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PostSubject: The Square Waiting   The Square Waiting Icon_minitimeSun Apr 17, 2011 11:51 pm

Some people say that in this part of the state where I live, you can't fall asleep while riding the Red line train. Why?

Back in 1967 a Red line train carrying over 400 passengers crashed and fell into a river just pass the tunnel that goes through the mountains. And locals believe the spirits of all 400 dead passengers lurk around the stop BEFORE the last stop of the Red line,waiting for that train. Obviously, those two stops have long been abandoned and no one dares to go there.

I for some reason fell asleep. Something I shouldn't have. I woke up. All of a sudden the train seemed to slow down and approach the "Square Stop". The second to last stop of the red-line train.

I saw the station filled with people all dressed nicely as if they were going to a black tie event Because the train was "overcrowded" according to the train operator, not everyone could get inside.What happened next was unbelievable. The 400 ghosts killed all passengers except for me. They took over their bodies. And the spirits of the other 400 passengers now were left waiting in the station for the next train.

I walked back to town and thats how this legend started. If someone ever falls asleep in a Red line train, the gates to hell open and new spirits come out and kill everyone. Then it repeats once again every time someone falls asleep. But the person that falls asleep first is not killed, for it is thank to them the spirits can come out.

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The Square Waiting
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