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 Episode #5 Confessionals

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PostSubject: Episode #5 Confessionals   Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:39 pm

Ok a lot has happened since the swap. I find out from Kathy, that Arik and Maximus are working together. Arik is betraying our alliance. In the meantime, Arik wants to throw the challenge. I have pulled in Maniac. We are trying to get kyogre on our side. I'm working on kch so maybe he'll help.

Arik all of a sudden starts to work on the challenge, so that proves kch isnt loyal. He most likely told Arik what is going on. So right now, it's me, maniac, and maybe kyogre.

Luckily I still have Spooky, JB, and Kathy ober at Boran.
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Episode #5 Confessionals
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